Live at LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE – live set

Live at LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE – live set

Jeff Soulular

June 5th, 2015


Very stoked to share this set with you all!! It was seriously a dream come true to be able to perform at lightning in a bottle on a main stage!! Inside this mix is a whole bunch of new unreleased tracks as well as Live guitar and a tasty selection of analog dub effects and all original Music! Filled with many Beautiful imperfections that improvisational music brings to add to the overall character of the sound! I am proud of the progression i have made to get to this point and it makes me very excited for the future!! I really hope you enjoy!!

This happened Sunday May 24th, 2015 at Lightning in bottle festival in Bradley, Ca on the Thunder stage with a Meyer Soundsystem!

WAV DL- www.mediafire.com/listen/otdu5knr2…le_2015_MSTR.wav

Photo credit – Courtney Laos Photography <312345

Check it out HERE —–> Live at LIB



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