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Soulular Vibrations bring mind stimulation and heart activation in a fresh blend of synthetic and organic sound manipulation, with original, interesting arrangements and lush atmospheres – shaped by hard intricate beats, deep bass and spacey dub effects, with soulful harmonies and sexy melodies.
Soulular is quality music for quality people.
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Soulular has been direct support to the likes of Shpongle, Ott, Random Rab, Opiuo, Thriftworks, Andrealien, Vibesquad, Gladkill and many more as well as been featured on U.S. and international festival lineups with tons of amazing talent from far and wide.



“Soulular’s sense of rhythm is right on point…. each song ebbs and flows flawlessly! This is music that I can really appreciate.” Afromonk.com

“Right from the beginning, SOULULAR grabs the listener’s attention with his spacey hooks and doesn’t let you go till you’ve landed back on earth at the end of the album.” TheDankles.com

“Soulular, for those new to the name, is a chill bass specialist. Taking the more chill approach to the bass and glitch scene,” HypoLuxa, Thewaxhole.com

“Diversely talented artist applying an array of instruments, tools, and assorted goodies to a colorful music.” – Easy Reader



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